About Our Personalised Song Blocks/Song Keyrings

  • Do the blocks play the music? 
    No, the frame itself does not play the music, you can use the search function on the Spotify app, click the camera and scan your frame and the song will then play on your phone/device. 
  • Can I use the album art of the song instead of a personal photo?
    Yes, you can upload the album art to your order instead of a personal photo. 
  • Can the code link to a playlist or artist instead?
    Yes, let us know in the text box 'Song Name(s) and Artist Name(s)' the name of the artist and please state 'link to artist'. Or if it is a playlist please paste the link to your playlist in that box. 
  • Do I have to have a Spotify account?
    No, you will need to download the app and you can log in through your Facebook or other avenues and use the free plan to use the code. 
  • Does the song need to be on Spotify?
    In order to have the Spotify code on the frame, yes. However if the song you are after is not on Spotify then we can create a QR code that instead links to the song on YouTube. 
  • Can I add the times to my frame?
    Yes, let us know what time in the song you want displayed and I can do that for you. Add this note to the text box 'Song Name(s) and Artist Name(s)'. 
  • Can I have it look like Apple Music instead of Spotify ?
    Yes, let us know you would like it to look like Apple Music in the text box 'Song Names(s) and Artist Name(s)'.
  • Can I have different colour vinyl on my frame?
    Yes, If you would like a bright green heart instead of a black one for example, let me know in the text box 'Song Name(s) and Artist Name(s)'. E.g. You have chosen Matte Black for the block, then in the text box stated ' Can the heart be bright green please'. Likewise, you can request any part of the frame to be in a different colour, the code, title etc. 

About Our Vinyl Labels

  • What are your labels made of?
    All of our labels are made out of premium permanent vinyl. They adhere to smooth, flat or slightly curved, clean surfaces and are very long lasting. Vinyl labels do not have a backing and therefore have a painted on look. 
  • What can vinyl labels be placed on? 
    Our labels can be stuck to almost any smooth surface, including glass, plastic, acrylic and most types of treated wood. The vinyl will not stick to raw wood, fabric, silicone or rough/bumpy/textured surfaces. We do not recommend placing them on a wall or car panel as it could remove paint if removed. 
  • Are the vinyl labels removable?
    Due to our vinyl labels being made out of permanent vinyl, they have a strong adhesion to the surface you apply them on, they are made to be applied on outdoor surfaces and survive in extreme weathers. Though this does not make it impossible to remove, it will just leave a tacky residue that you will need to clean off if you remove your label. 
  • How do I apply the labels?
    With every label order, you will receive instructions on how to apply the vinyl. Please follow all instructions carefully as we will not be responsible if you damage the product in the process. Vinyl can be difficult to work with and we encourage you take your time when applying your labels. Please make sure you use your labels within a week of receiving them as the longer they sit on the backing paper the more difficult they become to apply. *VIEW INSTRUCTIONS HERE*
  • Can the vinyl labels get wet?
    Yes! These labels are waterproof 24 hours after your application. However please do not wash anything that you have placed a vinyl label on in the dishwasher. We recommend gently hand washing over a vinyl label to ensure its longevity. 
  • When I order a product that is pictured with a label or says(with label) does it come labelled?
    Yes! Our products that have labels on them such as our personalised glasses, bathroom bottles, cake toppers, phone cases etc. I will apply the label for you so your order will arrive ready to use!

 How to Order

  • Where can I learn more about each product?
    Please make sure that before you order any of our products that you scroll down your page and read the description to learn all about each product and its requirements for ordering it. If you have any further questions then please contact us. 
  • Can I amend or add to my order once placed?
    Yes, you can as long as it has not already been made or sent. Please email us at to do this. 
  • Can I select two fonts or two colours in the one order?
    Yes, to do this please write in the 'Your Label(s)' text box either the colour/font next to each label or you could write the colour/font at the top and list labels under it, and separate them that way, if you need any help please contact us. 
  • Can I preview my labels before ordering them?
    Yes, on each product page and on our Font page you will find a try out your font feature where you can type in your label, select and font and view a preview. If you are wanting to use more than 1 font in your order and want to preview them together then you can email us what you would like and we can put together a preview of your order for you!

Exchange and Refund

  • What is your return and exchange policy? 
    You can view our return policy here. As each order is custom made just for you there is no refund or exchange for change of mind or if you damage your products.