Fonts & Colours


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HTV (Iron On) Colours

The HTV Vinyl are the colour options available on our tooth fairy bagsneoprene icy pole holders and leather products, including our leather keychains, card holder, luggage tag and bottle opener.


When ordering labels, some of our products give you the option of selecting a size. There will be a very slight variance with each font, but sizing is approximately:
  • ​Extra Small - Up to 2cm Tall
  • Small - Up to 3cm Tall
  • Medium - Up to 4cm Tall
  • Large - Up to 6cm Tall
  • Extra Large - Up to 10cm Tall
  • Extra Extra Large - Up to 15cm Tall
​These measurements are approximate due to variances in fonts, and if you label has a tall letter (h, k, l,b) or a letter with a tail (y, j, q, g).
If there is a specific length/height that you need, e.g. 5cm by 5cm - You would select the large size and state next to your label (5cmx5cm). Alternatively, if you have a max length for your label you can write please ensure label is no longer than 14cm long. 
If you would like a label larger than what I have provided in the options please email us at or contact us on our social media platforms and we would be happy to create that order for you. 
​You may also notice that we have products with set sizing that we have found works for certain specific places, e.g. bank card labels, pantry labels etc.
However, if you are after pantry labels but in a different size then you can order your labels through the 'Labels For Anything!' product, where you can choose the size. 


Always remember that everything we make is completely customisable! All our product photos are examples of what you can do but your options are endless! EMail us at support@creationsbybek to discuss a custom creation!
If your label is 2 or more words and you are wanting different fonts, please let us know in the "Your Label(s)" section when ordering. (e.g. Kitchen Cleaner - Kitchen in font 1 and Cleaner in font 23) 
Similarly, if your label is 2 or more words and you are wanting different colours, please let us know in the "Your Label(s)" section when ordering. (e.g. Kitchen Cleaner - Kitchen in gold and Cleaner in white)
Also, please double check your order before sending it through to us! Make sure you have capital letters and punctuation where you want them and spelling is correct as I will make your orders exactly as written.