How To Apply Your Vinyl Label

Step 1: Wipe over smooth surface with alcohol swab provided for the best adhesive.

Step 2: Firmly rub over the transfer tape with a credit/store card.

Step 3: Carefully remove the white backing paper off the label. If the label stays with the backing paper slowly place it back down and repeat step 2.

Step 4: Line up exactly where you would like it placed and lower it on.

Step 5: Firmly rub over it with your finger working from the middle, out. Then rub over again with a credit/store card.

Step 6: Slowly peel off the transfer tape at an angle, if the label starts to lift then slowly place the transfer tape back down and repeat step 5.

Apply the labels within the first two weeks and hand wash only.

Some surfaces and labels can be trickier to apply than others, please be patient and careful with your application as there are no replacements if you damage your labels. If you need any extra help please contact us.