Herb and spice black vinyl labels Creations By Bek
Herb & Spice Labels
Herb & Spice Labels
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Herb & Spice Labels

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Organise your pantry today with our herb and spice labels! The perfect size label for your little jars! These labels transform your pantry and create a luxury feel, giving you that display home vibe we all want! Take your organisation to the next level and impress all you family and friends. 
Orders are made with our extra small labels, up to 2cm high and 10cm long. Alternatively if you want larger labels you can purchase Pantry Labels which are up to 4cm high.
To get the perfect size we recommend you measure the destination for the labels and make a note in your cart on the size you want your labels to be. 

  • Select your number of labels. 
    If you want 20 labels for example, you could order a pack of 6 and change the quantity to 3 and then add 2 individual labels to your cart afterwards. Though you can write all your labels in the 'Your Labels' box in your first cart item.
    (Please message us if you would like help)
  • Select your vinyl colour
  • Select your font
  • Write your labels - MAX of 3 words (E.g. All Purpose Seasoning) 

If you want two different fonts you can type for example - All Purpose in Font 10, Seasoning in Font 17. Alternatively you could write FONT 10: and then list the labels you would like in that font, and then do the same for your next font choice.
You can also customise if you want two different vinyl colours, next to each label or word within a label also specify what colour vinyl, only if you are wanting more than one colour in your order. For Example - Corn (Black) Flour (Pink). Or again you can write BLACK: and list under that heading what you would like black.

Please double check your order before sending it through to us! Make sure you have capital letters and punctuation where you want them and spelling is correct as I will make your orders exactly as written.

Instructions on how to apply your vinyl label will be sent with your order. Please read carefully before applying labels. Vinyl does not stick to silicone or on rough texture, smooth texture is ideal. 

If you need help or have any special requests please message us!

* Label pictured is font 10 matte black.*